Settlement Land


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As part of the Umbrella Final Agreement (UFA) a land base of approximately 41,595 square kilometres was identified for Yukon First Nations as Settlement Land.

Settlement Land:

  • is owned and managed by the First Nation;
  • is identified in each First Nation’s Final Agreement.

    Settlement Land is divided into two main categories:
    • Category A: First Nation ownership includes both the surface and sub-surface, including mines and minerals;
    • Category B and Fee Simple: First Nation ownership includes the surface area only. Mines and minerals, or sub-surface rights, are under the administration of the Yukon Government.

Who can use Settlement Land?

  • First Nation Citizens have use of Settlement Land;
  • Generally, members of the public can access Settlement Land provided that they do not cause a significant impact (such as cutting or clearing) and are not accessing the land for commercial use. This means:
    • you can walk your dog or ride your horse;
    • you can hike;
    • you can ride your ATV or drive your vehicle on certain trails or roads as long as they existed before the Final Agreements were signed. However, you must stay on the travelled part of the road or trail.

For more information about accessing Settlement Land, please contact the First Nation Government who owns the land.