Mineral Resources

Our role

Nunavut's resource potential is outstanding. It is an exciting time for the territory as exploration work increases in all regions. The Mineral Resources division contributes to sustainable mineral resource development on Nunavut's Crown land.

Our activities

Mineral Resources is integrated with the Environment, Water Resources, Land Administration, and Field Operations divisions; all within the Operations Directorate. This allows for a coordinated approach to resource development in Nunavut, in support of sustainable development.

Specifically, Mineral Resources does the following:

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Manager, Mineral Resources
Tel: (867) 975-4290

District Geologists
Tel: (867) 975-4291
Tel: (867) 975-4292

Staff Geologists
Tel: (867) 975-4279
Tel: (867) 975-4293
Tel: (867) 975-4569

Tel: (867) 975-4279

Mineral Resources Division
PO Box 100
Iqaluit NU  X0A 0H0

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