Prospecting Permit

An individual or company can apply for a prospecting permit beginning on the first business day of December and ending on the last business day of December. If the application is approved it will come into effect on February 1st. You do not need to acquire a prospecting permit to stake a mineral claim.

A prospecting permit will allow you to prospect in a large area without competition for a period of three or five years, and give the holder the exclusive rights to stake a mineral claim within that area. There are no surface rights associated with prospecting permits. If you are working north of the 68th degree latitude a permit can be held for up to five years (the work periods are as follows: first and second period are two years in length and the third period is one year, all starting February 1st and ending January 31st). If you are working south of 68th degree latitude a permit can be held for up to three years (the work periods are as follows: one year for three years starting February 1st and ending January 31st). If you have completed the required work in the permit area, mineral claims may be staked after the first work period. Once your permit has expired or been relinquished, you cannot stake a claim in that area for a period of one year.

An application for a prospecting permit costs $25 plus a 10 cents/acre deposit for the first work period. Then 20 cents/acre deposit for the second work period and 40 cents/acre deposit for the third work period. If you do not pay the required deposit with either cash or work prior to the beginning (February 1st) of each of the second or third work periods, your permit will be cancelled.

Exploration work done on a permit must be in accordance with Schedule II of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut Mining Regulations. There are no fees involved with submitting representation work, however work done in any of the periods must be submitted to the Mining Recorder's Office within 60 days of the end of the period in which it was completed. If you are planning on using work to cover the deposits owing for upcoming work periods, keep in mind that the work must be submitted and approved prior to January 31. Up to four prospecting permits may be grouped, provide they are within a 20 mile (32.19 kilometer) radius of one another. Please submit a written request for groupings along with a fee of $10.00 per grouping.


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