Mining Recorder's Office

The Mining Recorder's Office (MRO) is responsible for subsurface rights administration of Crown land. It is the point of contact for information on subsurface rights on Crown land administered under the Nunavut Mining Regulations (with the exception of royalties' provisions). The MRO is also responsible for administering the Territorial Coal Regulations. Through this office, you can apply for prospecting licences and permits, mineral claims and mining leases, as well as coal leases, coal permits and coal exploration licences.

Nunavut Mining Regulations

Several sections of the Nunavut Mining Regulations are provided below. For a more complete understanding, please refer to the Nunavut Mining Regulations themselves, or contact the MRO for a strict interpretation on any matter.

Access to Mining Information

The Nunavut Map Viewer provides access to spatial data covering Nunavut, allowing users to display the information and search for specific features. It also provides them with the ability to print maps, download data or upload user data so that it can be viewed on the map.

Mineral spatial data can be downloaded from the Government of Canada's Open Data site. Clients can also request a user name and password to access the Nunavut Map Selection application. Access to this application allows users to update their contact information, perform queries, or print reports.

Please contact the MRO to request access and then refer to the Instructions to Access the Nunavut Map Selection Application to login.

Map Selection in Nunavut

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) is modernizing the way that mineral claims are acquired in Nunavut. This change will allow licence holders to acquire mineral rights using a web-based system which includes an interactive map, a pre-defined grid and an on-line shopping cart to pay fees. INAC is working on the new online system and will announce the expected launch date in the near future. For more information, please refer to the Map Selection of Mineral Claims in Nunavut webpage.

External Links

For access to geoscientific information, visit Nunavut Minerals.


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