Board Relations Secretariat

Much of the regulatory decisions over the land, water and environment in the Northwest Territories are the responsibility of land claim-based legislated public boards and committees. The boards are responsible for preliminary screening of development proposals, environmental impact assessments and impact reviews, the issuance of water licenses, land use permits and advice on wildlife management. Boards are typically made up of representatives nominated by Aboriginal representatives, the Government of Canada, and the Government of the Northwest Territories.

The Board Relations Secretariat (BRS) was established to help implement land claim agreements and support good working relationships and partnerships with the territory's resource management boards. Located within the Northwest Territories regional office of Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada (CIRNAC), Board Relations Secretariat works with the boards to:

  • Facilitate clear communication on matters of common interest between the Boards and CIRNAC
  • Help resolve operational and interpretation issues that arise from implementation of the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act and other Acts
  • Administer Ministerial board appointments and manage select regional board funding arrangements
  • Provide day-to-day advice and support to the boards
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