Regulatory Regime

The Northwest Territories is rich in resources — wildlife, water, minerals, oil and gas, and breathtaking landscapes — that have sustained its Aboriginal inhabitants and other Northerners for countless generations. These resources also contribute to Canada's wealth, and are an important part of Canada's national identity.

Protecting, managing and developing these resources require a strong partnership between Northerners, Aboriginal governments, the federal government and the territorial government. Here in the NWT, this partnership is known as the regulatory regime.

The regime is a network of resource management boards, governments and other organizations that are committed to serving the best interests of Northwest Territories residents and all of Canada.

How does CIRNAC participate in the protection of the environment and responsible resource development in the Northwest Territories?

CIRNAC is a participant in the regulatory regime, whose responsibilities vary, depending on the resource management area. As of April 1st 2014 under the Devolution Agreement, powers to make land and water resource management decisions under the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act have now been delegated from the federal Minister to the Government of the Northwest Territories.

The Inuvialuit Final Agreement also assigns the Department additional responsibilities such as appointing the three Canada members to the Environmental Impact Screening Committee and the Environmental Impact Review Board.

CIRNAC is also responsible for funding some NWT boards and institutions of public government.

In the Northwest Territories, the CIRNAC Board Relations Secretariat (BRS) supports good working relationships and partnerships with the territory's resource management boards by facilitating clear communication on matters of common interest, helping to resolve operational and interpretation, administering Ministerial board appointments and regional board funding arrangements, and providing advice and support to the boards.

What information is available?

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