Independent Peer Review Panel

During the evaluation of remediation options, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada brought together an Independent Peer Review Panel. This group reviewed and provided expert feedback on the Report on Arsenic Trioxide Management Alternatives   and the Giant Mine Remediation Plan 

At that time, the Panel consisted of nine recognized experts in the fields of geotechnology, mining, mineral processing and environmental engineering, toxicology, hydrogeology, risk assessment, and public health. Membership included specialists nominated by communities and the local public.

The project is now moving from conceptual design through preliminary design. It will then go into detailed design and ultimately construction. The Project Team has recognized a need to reconstitute such a Panel. The Panel will comprise subject matter experts in mining and/or human health and environment.

The Panel will examine the technical merits of designs being proposed, including, but not limited to, approaches, methods, technologies, plans, and any other technical detail involved in the design and execution of the project. The aim of the Panel is to ensure the design and implementation of the project follows industry best practices, provides good value to the Crown and is technically robust.