Project Staff

The Giant Mine Remediation Project Team manages the joint interim office on behalf of the federal and territorial governments. Its focus is on both the long-term care and management of the arsenic trioxide waste stored underground, and the remediation of the entire Giant Mine site.

The Giant Mine Remediation Project Team is comprised of individuals from Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, Public Works and Government Services Canada and the Government of the Northwest Territories.

You can reach the Giant Mine Remediation Project Team by:

Phone: (867) 669-2426
Fax: (867) 669-2439

For all media requests, please contact Jennifer Lukas at (867) 669-2584.

Project Leads

Operations and Design: Jane Amphlett, (867) 669-2773

Regulatory: Adrian Paradis, (867) 669-2425

Communications and media: Jennifer Lukas, (867) 669-2584

Community Engagement: Lisa Colas, (867) 669-2427

Project Team

Project Team

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The chart is in a pyramid like structure. At the top is the Assistant Deputy Minister of the Northern Affairs Organization with AANDC, Janet King. Janet King is the Project Lead. Below her is the oversight Committee as well as the Management Board. The Oversight Committee is made up Ernie Campbell, a Deputy Minister with the GNWT; Kathryn Bruce, Regional Director General with AANDC; and Paula Isaak, Director General of Natural Resources and Environment Branch with AANDC.

The Management Board is made up of Kathryn Bruce and Paula Isaak as well as the Regional Director General of the PWGSC Western Region.

Below these two groups is the Project Leadership Committee. It is made up of the Ray Case, Assistant Deputy Minister with the GNWT; Joanna Ankersmit, Director of Northern Contaminated Sites Program with AANDC; and the Regional Director of PWGSC Environmental Services and Contaminated Sites Management.

Below this group is the Project Management Committee, made up of Lisa Dyer, Director of Environment with the GNWT; Adrian Paradis, Interim Regional Manager with AANDC; Mark Palmer, Senior Advisor with AANDC; Michael Nahir, Senior Project Manager (Engineering) with AANDC; and the Director with PWGSC's Western Region.

Under this group is the project staff, which includes Erika Nyyssonen, Project Advisor with the GNWT. AANDC staff from the Yellowknife office include Bill Coedy, Project Manager, Science; Adrian Paradis, Regulatory Manager; Jane Amphlett, Operations Manager; Tara Kramers, Regulatory Compliance Officer; Ben Nordahn, Operations Technician; and Lisa Colas, Engagement Officer. AANDC staff from Ottawa includes Andrew Liddiard, Project Manager Freeze Optimization Study; Nick Monteiro, Project Manager for Project integration; Tracy Ma, Project Manager for Project Controls; Chris MacInnis, Project Manager for Underground Stabilization; Aaron Braumberger, Project Manager for Environment, Health, Safety and Community; Miguel Larivière, Project Manager for Surface and Water; and Katherine Silcock, Regulatory Project Manager. PWGSC staff includes one Senior Project Manager and four project managers.

Note: The Giant Mine Remediation Project is also supported by other groups and sectors (e.g., AANDC – Communications Branch, PWGSC – Procurement Services)