Future Site Use

Once the remediation of Giant Mine is complete, the landscape will be quite different and it will be hard to tell there was ever a mine at the site. The mine buildings will be gone. In some areas new industrial buildings, like the freeze and water treatment plants, will take their place. Large areas of the site will be revegetated and Baker Creek will run along a slightly different route.

The Giant Mine headframe is but a speck in this photo of the Yellowknife landscape of trees and water.

While areas around the frozen blocks, open pits and water treatment plant will not be available for public use, a large part of the site could be used for a variety of activities or project. The Project Team is working with community stakeholders including the City of Yellowknife, the Yellowknives Dene First Nation and the Government of the Northwest Territories to help determine future uses. Ultimately, it will be the community that determines what will be at the site.