Socioeconomic Benefits

Benefits of Contaminated Site Remediation for Northerners

In addition to the remediation of contaminated land, site remediation in the North has a number of socioeconomic benefits for Indigenous communities in both settled and unsettled land claim regions.

Indigenous employment

For most projects, an open contracting process with an Aboriginal Opportunities Considerations (AOC) package is the most appropriate tool for maximizing local, regional and Indigenous employment and business opportunities. Bidders must outline in the package how they will maximize local involvement in the project, and must meet a target percentage for Indigenous employment. They must also outline training plans for Indigenous employees.

Capacity building

The opportunity for training and working on remediation projects in the North provides community members with transferable knowledge and skills that they can put to use on other types of projects, such as resource development. As well, knowledge gained through participation in community consultations and other remediation activities enables community members to participate more effectively in consultation and regulatory review of other development projects.

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