Doing Business to Remediate Contaminated Sites in the NWT

The federal government's long-term commitment to the remediation of contaminated sites means numerous opportunities for you or your company to be involved with remediation work in the NWT.

Considering doing business to remediate contaminated sites in the NWT?

Here are five reasons why you should:

  1. Government of Canada significant multi-year investment for contaminated site remediation across Canada
  2. Multi-year sustainable plan for site remediation in the NWT
  3. Excellent training ground for skills transferable to resource development projects, which will build capacity in the North
  4. Opportunities for contracts / employment in the following areas:
    • Environmental assessment
    • Contaminants removal
    • Demolition and construction
    • Design, engineering and consulting services
    • Heavy equipment rental and service
    • Logistics, transportation and support services
    • Environmental monitoring
  5. Increased benefits through partnership / joint ventures with the Indigenous business community

Want to find out about upcoming contracting opportunities?

Request for Proposals (RFPs) for work to remediate contaminated sites in the NWT are posted on the Buy and Sell website.

Think you might be interested but not sure if your company has all the skills or requirements necessary to make a successful bid?

Consider forming a joint venture or partnership with a contractor or local business to qualify for consideration in the procurement process for remediation work. For a list of Indigenous businesses in the NWT, visit the Denendeh Development Corporation website.

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