Public Involvement

The Key to Successful Remediation Projects in the North

The Contaminants and Remediation Directorate believes that the key to a successful remediation project is the involvement of stakeholders - that is, community members, governments, industry, the general public - in all stages of the remediation, where possible.

Public involvement is important because it:

  • Builds trust amongst all parties
  • Increases capacity of all parties by increasing knowledge and understanding
  • Improves decision-making process
  • Avoids conflicts by identifying and addressing critical stakeholders and issues early in the process
  • Develops mutual understanding and improves relationships so that long-standing disagreements can be addressed
  • Creates real and lasting change by designing and implementing a process that addresses community priorities in a meaningful way

For more information on public involvement best practices for the remediation of contaminated sites, please visit the Health Canada Website.

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