How CIRNAC Addresses Contaminated Sites

Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada (CIRNAC) is committed to communicating with NWT residents regarding the remediation of contaminated sites, and providing economic opportunities for Northerners wherever possible.

How does the department carry out contaminated site remediation in the Northwest Territories?

Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada NWT Region's Contaminants and Remediation Division (CARD) recognizes the importance of contaminated site remediation and future contaminated site prevention. CARD currently manages nearly 100 contaminated sites in the NWT, at various stages of remediation. Many of these sites became the Government of Canada's responsibility after private owners relinquished their properties according to the legislation of the day, or when companies went bankrupt. The properties then reverted to the Crown, and as representative of the Crown, the department became custodian of these properties and related remediation activities.

To guide its contaminated sites remediation and prevention efforts, the department created the Contaminated Sites Management Policy in 2002. The implementation of this policy contributes to a safer, healthier, sustainable environment for First Nations, Inuit, and Northerners by striving to preserve and enhance the ecological integrity of the Northern environment.

What information is available?

In this section you will find information related to protecting the north, contaminants in the northern environment, and how Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada fosters participation and engagement in NWT remediation projects, including doing business in the NWT for contaminated sites remediation.

You may also be interested in information about contaminated sites in the NWT, which includes descriptions of some contaminants and hazards commonly found at the sites and summaries of current remediation activities.

Information about the Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan is available here.

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