Economic and Resource Development

Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada (CIRNAC) plays an important role in the economic development of the Northwest Territories by delivering programs that stimulate local economies and managing the development of resources that contribute significantly to the territorial economy.

Economic Development
CIRNAC is investing in the North, Northerners, their communities and businesses through economic development programs that encourage and support economic growth in the territory.

Resource Development
CIRNAC has responsibilities for resource, land and environmental management on excluded land under the Devolution agreement as well as the offshore. In addition, CIRNAC supports good working relationships and partnerships with the NWT boards responsible for resource management (involving monitoring and regulating the uses of land and water).

What is CIRNAC Doing to Improve Economic and Resource Development in the Northwest Territories?

Economic Development
CIRNAC supports economic development in the NWT Region in a number of ways, providing funding through community economic development programs that provide financial support to First Nation and Inuit communities for economic initiatives.

Resource Development
Resource development is the primary economic driver of the Northwest Territories, and the NWT possesses unparalleled resource potential. To support its mandate for northern development, CIRNAC promotes investment in resource exploration and development while ensuring that resources are managed wisely within the context of a sound environmental framework. We encourage the participation of, and provide information and advice to, all interested groups including industry, Indigenous groups, communities and government.

What Information is Available?

In this section you will find information on CIRNAC NWT Region economic development programs and services, and mineral and petroleum development responsibilities.

Economic Development
You can find information about the Community Economic Opportunities Program (CEOP) and the Community Strategic Services Program (CSSP).

Resource Development
As well, CIRNAC provides you with a NTGeoViewer that contains spatial, digital data regarding the Northwest Territories' mineral and petroleum resources.

There is also information about CIRNAC's role in the NWT regulatory regime, the partnership between Northerners, Aboriginal governments, the federal government and the territorial government in place to protect, manage and develop resources.

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