Consultation and Public Information

Given the complexity of the issues and the importance of treaty-making to all British Columbians, consultation and public information are central to the negotiations. Canada, BC and First Nations have committed to openness in negotiations and to consulting third parties whose interests may be affected.

Public information activities are generally tied to developments at the negotiating table. Activities include open houses, communiqués with the media, information hand-outs, and open negotiation sessions.

Consultation ensures third-party concerns are heard, understood and represented by negotiators. At the province-wide level, Canada meets periodically with the Province-wide Treaty Advisory Group (PTAG). The members of this group represent major industry, business, environmental, labour, municipal government and social organizations whose interests may be affected by treaties.

At the regional or table level, most consultation is conducted on a sectoral basis. Governments actively seek third-party advice and input as needed on matters that may affect those interests.