Nisga'a Final Agreement 2003 Annual Report - Laxmihl

Table of Contents

  • Background
  • Fire and Stone - Laxmihl
  • "We're all in a circle and we need to keep our circle together..."
  • The Nisga'a Final Agreement - Minhuk'ak'ansgum gan wilh maaxhl maalim
  • "...what we're doing here is important. It's important for all us."
  • Stream of Consciousness - Gansimutkws
  • "The Nisga'a Treaty means we got our land back. That is important..."
  • Deep Rooted - Daxyukwdim wishihl gan wilxo oskwhl
  • "...our language and culture. It's what keeps us together."
  • Extended Family Values - Yuuhlimk'askw
  • "I stay because of family, tradition, and culture."
  • The Way Forward - Genx dim luuyoxgum
  • "Without the treaty, this project wouldn't be possible."
  • "It is my dream to let the world know who we are."