First Nation Public Service Initiative

The First Nation Public Service Initiative (FNPSI) is mandated to develop a stable, professional First Nations Public Service in British Columbia. The Initiative has three key objectives:

  • Anticipate and meet the challenges of creating a "made in BC" First Nations Public Service
  • Strengthen skills to close present gaps
  • Build new skills to anticipate future needs

As a made in BC initiative, created and driven by First Nations, it had its beginnings at the Joint Planning and Policy Development Forum held in November 1999 in Richmond BC. The goal of the FNPSI is to assist First Nations in developing and maintaining a trained professional public service that manages and administers the delivery of community programs and services. The First Nation Public Service is defined as the non-elected staff working in First Nation communities or for First Nation organisations as managers, administrators, or technical staff. In BC this represents between 2000-3000 individuals.

Through the FNPSI, a Toolkit to recruit a First Nations Administrator was developed, an Administrators Forum was held and four Pilot communities are currently working to strengthen their public service.

For more information on the First Nations Public Service Initiative call (toll-free) 1-800-567-9604 or 604-775-5100.