Support for First Nations Governance

The Government of Canada recognizes First Nations' inherent right of self-government. Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) BC Region facilitates First Nations self-governance by supporting the development of a First Nation public service, offering professional training, and providing governance and legislative implementation tools.

Governance Capacity Funding

  • AANDC provides funding to First Nations to enhance their capacity to prepare for consultation, negotiation, implementation or management of their land and resources. For more information on this initiative, contact the Governance and Capacity Development Unit, BC Region at the address below.
  • AANDC's Professional and Institutional Development program (P&ID) supports the enhancement of community governance decision-making as it relates to key governance functions such as financial and human resources codes, constitutions, codes of ethics, codes of conduct and custom leadership selection codes. For more details on the application process, contact the Governance and Capacity Development Unit, BC Region, at the address listed below.

Governance Tools and Resources

  • First Nation Public Service Initiative (FNPSI) assists First Nations to develop and maintain a trained professional public service that manages and administers the delivery of community programs and services. For more information, visit First Nations Public Service. The First Nation Public Service includes all non-elected staff working in First Nation communities or for First Nation organizations as managers, administrators, or technical staff.
  • AANDC BC Region funded First Nations Governance Projects in 2003-04 to develop governance tools for First Nations communities in anticipation of the First Nations Governance bill becoming law. Although the bill was withdrawn by the government, the projects have become a valuable resource and an example of good governance practices for First Nations communities. To obtain a CD compilation of these governance projects, contact the Governance and Capacity Development Unit, BC Region, at the address listed below.

Other Governance Support

  • The Aboriginal Financial Officers Association   helps financial and administrative personnel who work in First Nations organizations develop policies, and provides training and networking opportunities.

For more information on AANDC programs which support First Nations governance in BC, click on the links above or contact Main Reception and ask to speak to a representative in Community Development.