Memorandum of understanding - Aboriginal post-secondary education and training March 11, 2005

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We, the undersigned, acknowledge, that although there has been some progress in recent years, there is a need for improved levels of participation and success for Aboriginal learners in post-secondary education and training in British Columbia. We state our intention to work collectively toward this goal within the mandates of our respective organizations and to bring in other partners as appropriate. This will be accomplished by building on our successes to date, collectively identifying needs, and implementing strategies to improve the success of Aboriginal post-secondary learners in British Columbia.

Grand Chief Edward John

Chief Doug Kelly

Dave Porter

First Nations Summit Task Group

Chief Nathan Matthew
Strategic Action Committee

Chief Shawn Atleo
BC Assembly of First Nations

Mr. Oliver Munro
Board Director
United Native Nations Society

Mr. Bruce Dumont
Interim President,
Metis Provincial Council of BC

Honourable Andy Scott
Minister, Indian Affairs and Northern Development and Federal Interlocutor for Metis and non-status Indians

Honourable Ida Chong
Minister of Advanced Education

Dr. Michael Stevenson
Chair, The University Presidents' Council of BC Chair

Ms. Stephanie Forsyth
BC College Presidents

Mr. Skip Triplett
Chair, University-College Presidents Chair

Ms. Fran Hunt-Jinnouchi
Indigenous Adult and Higher Learning Association