Elementary/Secondary (Kindergarten - Grade 12)

Through its Elementary/Secondary Education Program, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) supports eligible students living on reserve with elementary and secondary education programs comparable to those that are required in provincial schools by the statutes, regulations or policies of the province in which the reserve is located. The program supports:

  1. Eligible students enrolled in eligible elementary/secondary education programs.
  2. Construction and maintenance of on reserve school facilities.

Student eligibility:

According to funding requirements, an eligible student is:

  1. Enrolled in AND attending a:
    • Band-operated school OR
    • Provincial school OR
    • Eligible private/independent school recognized by the province in which the school is located as an elementary/secondary institution
  2. At least four years of age on December 31st of the school year. Students aged 19 and over must have their Indian Registry System number.
  3. Be ordinarily resident on reserve. A student who is ordinarily resident on reserve lands that are commercially leased is not eligible for funding unless that student is a registered Indian.

If you are a student, parent or guardian and would like more information on eligibility, contact your Education Coordinator at your Band Office or Administering Authority.

First Nation Student Success Program (FNSSP)

FNSSP is part of an overarching commitment of the Government of Canada to set the foundation for long-term reform of First Nation education. The FNSSP has three components:

  • School Success Plans - To introduce a consistent and comprehensive school success plan and support the development and implementation of activities outlined within the plan
  • Student Learning Assessments - To support First Nation schools in selecting and implementing student achievement testing tools.
  • Performance Measurement - To support a First Nation school's ability to monitor the progress of students, manage schools/program-related information and report on financial and performance indicators.

Education Partnerships Program (EPP)

EPP is a key component of the broader Reforming First Nations Education Initiative. This proposal-driven program is designed to promote collaboration between First Nations, provinces, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC), and other stakeholders towards improving the success of First Nation elementary and secondary students in First Nation and provincial schools.

For more information on AANDC's elementary/secondary education programs and services for First Nations, we invite you to visit the links above or vist Aboriginal Learning Links  .