Economic Development

The province of Alberta has continued to enjoy a strong economy with far more sustainable growth, allowing local entrepreneurs to take advantage of this unprecedented boom.

According to the latest Statistics Canada (2006) Census, Aboriginal people make up 5.8 per cent of Alberta's population. By all accounts, Aboriginal persons are the fastest growing group in Canada; the economic implications of this trend have not gone unnoticed. As well, an increasing number of Aboriginal-owned businesses throughout the region continue to make significant contributions in key industries.

Whether as consumers or as entrepreneurs, Alberta's Aboriginal population is impacting Alberta's economy in a significant way.

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada – Alberta Region and Aboriginal Business

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada – Alberta Region is proud to sponsor two awards as part of The Alberta Business Awards of Distinction presented annually by the Alberta Chamber of Commerce.

The Eagle Feather award and the Aboriginal Relations-Best Practice award signify the importance of achieving long-term success by incorporating the practical entrepreneurial spirit with the traditional teachings of the Aboriginal culture.

Each year, finalists for the two awards are featured in a magazine entitled Grassroots – First Nation Business in Alberta. The annual publication profiles the companies' best practices; it also celebrates the journey of challenges and successes of the First Nation enterprises vying for the coveted awards.

Aboriginal Business: Celebrated in Alberta

Grassroots First Nation Business in Alberta

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