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Grants and Contributions Information Management System (GCIMS)

The Grants and Contributions Information Management System (GCIMS) is an information system that uses web-based access technology to create an online operating environment for the grants and contributions. Such a system ensures an integrated service delivery, enhanced management tools for the First Nations and Inuit communities as well as improved accountability. Grtants and contributions are made to the First Nations, Inuit, Métis and Northern people as well as to their respective organizations to allow them to provide essential services to their members, in compliance with the Treasury Board Policy on Transfer Payments and AANDC accountability requirements, output reports and assessment. Access to GCIMS is strictly limited to uses by First Nations and Inuit.

Grants and Contribution Information Management System

Indian Registry System (IRS)

The Indian Registration System (IRS) records the names of individuals registered as Indian and some of the information related to them. The information is updated so as to show any changes that may occur in their lifetime such as births, band transfers, divorces, deaths, name changes, etc. Access to IRS is strictly limited to uses by INAC employees and First Nations and Inuit.


Electronic Service Delivery (Social Development)

If you need access to FNDBMS, please contact the IT services center at : sti-its@aadnc-aandc.gc.ca ou 1-866-795-6465

For any problem you may encounter, please, write to us at the following address : sti-its@aadnc-aandc.gc.ca, or call us at this toll free number 1-800-567-9604.

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