Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) is accepting applications from individuals interested in serving as an appointee or nominee on INAC boards, commissions, and other organizations within its portfolio.

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The Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs is responsible for reporting to Parliament on the federal government institutions that fall under her portfolio. There are approximately 55 institutions, boards and commissions for which the Minister has appointment responsibilities.

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How appointments work

Several of the organizations for which the Minister has appointment responsibilities have been established under land claims and enabling legislation to carry out functions associated with resource management and dispute resolution. Many play a particularly significant role in the North. Others have an advisory role to the Minister. These organizations (boards, panels, commissions) are physically located across the country and vary in scope.

Members of these organizations are appointed in one of two ways:

There are approximately 90 order in council and 200 ministerial appointees in the various institutions.

Order in Council (OIC)/Governor in Council appointments

Ministerial appointments

Recent appointments

British Columbia Treaty Commission: MaryAnn Enevoldsen

MaryAnn Enevoldsen was appointed as Canada’s Commissioner for the British Columbia Treaty Commission on May 3rd 2018, for a term of two years.

Mme Enevoldsen is a member of the Homalco First Nation where she served as both Councillor and Chief.

She brings significant experience and knowledge of the treaty process and has been a member of the Homalco First Nation treaty team since 2007, including as lead treaty negotiator from 2015 to 2017. Her leadership and management experience also includes serving as the President of the Homalco Forestry Limited Partnership and President of Homalco Wildlife Tours.

Mme Enevoldsen has been a strong advocate for the British Columbia treaty process and is committed to advancing reconciliation between Canada and Indigenous people.

Office of the Treaty Commissioner in Saskatchewan: Mary Culbertson

Mary Culbertson will serve as Commissioner for the Office of the Treaty Commissioner in Saskatchewan until January 28, 2021.

Ms. Culbertson brings to the position her extensive experience in public and community service and background in family, criminal and Aboriginal law as well as dispute resolution.

Mary Culbertson is a member of the Keeseekoose First Nation in Saskatchewan. She received her law degree from the University of Saskatchewan, is a member of the Law Society of Saskatchewan and is the first member of her community to achieve a Juris Doctor of Law.

Ms. Culbertson has almost 20 years professional experience working in the federal, provincial and territorial governments and with Indigenous organizations. This includes Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada, Corrections Services Canada, the Government of Saskatchewan, the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations and various tribal councils.

In addition, over the years, Ms. Culbertson has been an active volunteer in many community organizations and engaged in advocacy work with Indigenous communities, families and grassroots organizations. This includes her work to help organize the 2017 Spirit of Our Nations Pow-wow and the Walking With Our Sisters North Battleford Exhibition Honouring Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba: Loretta Ross

Loretta Ross will serve as Commissioner for the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba until May 28, 2023.

Ms. Ross obtained her law degree from Queen's University and brings to this position extensive experience in Aboriginal law. She has been a practicing lawyer for over 20 years, serving as legal counsel to numerous First Nation people, governments and organizations, including the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs and the Assembly of First Nations.

Ms. Ross's early experience consulting with First Nation people as a youth representative in the Assembly of First Nation's Circle on the Constitution provided background and understanding of the perspectives of elders, women, community members and leaders that helped to guide her legal career.

As Legal Counsel to the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs between 1995 and 2005, Ms. Ross worked on various issues, including an oral history project and the creation of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Elders Council and the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba.

Over the years, Ms. Ross Served as Legal Counsel to First Nations on land issues including specific claims, Treaty Land Entitlement, trusts and hydro development. Her practice has also included child and family matters and residential school claims.

Ms. Ross serves on a number of boards representing First Nation interests. This includes the Manitoba Civil Service Commission, Legal Education Action Fund, Manitoba Human Rights Commission, Marymound Inc. and the Southern Network of Care.

Loretta Ross is a member of the Hollow Water First Nation in Manitoba.

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