Guaranteed Loan Management System

The Guaranteed Loan Management System (GLMS) Project is an initiative to replace an obsolete legacy system that relies on outdated Client / Server technology and which is no longer supportable or viable for the long term.  The current system also does not meet the needs of the business community. 

The project is intended to make the Guaranteed Loans businesses process perform more effectively, improve individual departmental productivity/teamwork and create the capacity to anticipate and to lead changes.  Business transformation is necessary to effect a reduction in the paper burden and realize automation for current manual workflows associated with the current Guaranteed Loans management process and to re-engineer the Guaranteed Loans Management System.

Project Objectives

The proper management, control and accountability of Ministerial Guaranteed Loans which are guaranteed by the Minister are essential to ensure accurate reflection of the Department's contingent liabilities and accounts receivables resulting from defaulted loans which requires  INAC to "pay out" the loan.  As a result this project seeks to achieve the following main objectives:

No. Goals Objectives Business Outcomes
1 Provide a system that enables and promotes best practices for Ministerial Guaranteed Loans
  • Provide a tool that assist both operational and management level users to apply best business practices.
  • Provide accurate and more timely information to decision makers.
  • Housing and Economic Development Programs will be better positioned to manage their portfolios.
  • Provide for accurate and efficient data collection and management.
  • Improved system controls and methods to gain accuracy and efficiency in the collection of information.
  • Reliable data and status of the department's MLG Authority and Contingent Liability.
  • Provide accurate and timely information to decision makers.
2 Streamlines the Guaranteed Loans business processes
  • Provide a tool that supports consistent and streamlined business processes across the department for MLG.
  • Provide assistance with the business transformation needed to streamline and gain efficiencies by improving the automation of the MLG Business Process and Procedures.
  • To improve management capability for oversight, monitoring and control of the department's authority.
  • A transformed MLG business that is more streamlined, efficient and standardized across all regions.
  • A MLG Business practice that promotes standard outcomes and metrics.
  • Regional Housing Officers and FSO's will be better positioned to assist their client First Nations.
  • Provide better transparency and accountability to First Nations on the status of their MLG's.
3 Provide a web-enabled system
  • Provide a fully bilingual, modern and secure Web enabled system.
  • An intuitive system that is easy to use, meets the users requirements and has 'Buy In' from the end user community.
  • System that is dependable with an architecture that is supportable and maintainable.
  • System that meets the department's standards and is cost efficient to maintain.
  • Provide an automated 'Real Time' Interface to the corporate financial system (Oasis).
  • Automated 'Real Time' Interface to Oasis that meets both end users and corporate financial requirements.
  • Interface resolves much of the complexity of the financial transactions needed by Oasis, reducing the manual intervention and financial knowledge by the user.
  • Provide an integrated and seamless interface with the department's document management suite (CIDM).
  • Case File Concept whereby all related materiel is held in CIDM and is both secure and easily accessible by all users with the appropriate access.

System Capability and Benefit

Some of the significant capability or benefits that will be provided by the GLMS Project include the following:

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