Grants and Contribution Information Management System

The Grants and Contribution Information Management System (GCIMS) is a web-enabled transfer payment management system that automates the Department's transfer payment business processes, manages funding agreement information, and provides on-line access for First Nations and other funding recipients.  From 2007 to 2013, GCIMS was named the First Nations and Inuit Transfer Payments System (FNITP). While the GCIMS system supports a number of business processes, its primary function is to effectively manage transfer payments to recipients of departmental grants and contributions.

The system offers a number of benefits by providing:

The functionality of GCIMS includes:

Recipients system access that provides:

Additional Information

If you are a Recipient that receives funding from AANDC who would like to benefit from using GCIMS, please contact your Regional Financial Support Officer for further details on how to access the application or through the following contacts:

AANDC National Support Desk IT Services is
Phone: (866) 795-6465 for Department Users (Internal Users)
Phone: (866) 874-5578 for Non-Departmental Users (External Users)

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