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How to use the map

To find additional information about one community in particular :

  • Click on Community

To change the Nations map display :

  • Click on the map
  • Keep button pressed down
  • Move mouse over map

To zoom out (enlarge) or zoom in (reduce) map size :

  • Click on " + " or " - " buttons

To view only specific nations at a time on the map :

  • Go to menu on the right
  • Select and click on the nations group you want to view

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The term "residents" means that the persons reside in the community to which they are affiliated.


The term "non-residents" means that the persons do not reside in the community to which they are affiliated.


Toponym: The term "toponym" generally refers to reserves, Indian lands, establishments or other land bases.

Community Name: The choice of a name belongs to the community itself, which explains the unilingual presentation of certain names.

Legal Name: The corporate name of a company or a civil company (i.e. its name) is often made of credits, which name in a general way the company or the civil company, and of specific, which distinguishes this company from the others.

Tribal Council: Tribal Councils are defined as institutions established as a grouping of bands with common interests who voluntarily join together to provide advisory and/or program services to member bands.