Progress Report: Regulatory Interpretation Policy Improvement Priority and Metrics


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This report shows the Department of Indigenous and Northern Affairs' progress on improving access to and visibility of the Department's regulatory initiatives, guidance and services for Indigenous peoples and other stakeholders. This improvement priority was developed in response to stakeholder recommendations from an online survey posted from May-September 2016. The following four metrics were developed to measure improvement.


  1. Training provided to INAC officers on the use of digital platforms (e.g., social media and the internet) to increase access and visibility of regulatory initiatives, guidance and services.
    Status: Planning is underway for a training session for INAC employees anticipated in spring 2017.
  2. Percentage increase in INAC's regulatory initiatives published in the First Nations Gazette.
    Status: Achieved.  Six notices about the Department's regulatory initiatives were published in Part I (Notifications) of the First Nations Gazette in 2016, compared to 2 in 2015. Lands and Economic Development, one of the largest regulatory sectors at INAC, has recently prioritized publishing all notices of regulatory initiatives in the First Nations Gazette, so this number is expected to increase further over the next few years.
  3. Questions and answers developed for INAC's 1-800 hotline on where to find more information on regulatory initiatives, guidance and services.
    Status: Completed.  Frequently asked questions on INAC's regulatory initiatives, including most accessed regulations, and where to find more information on regulatory guidance and services, were provided to INAC officers responsible for the 1-800 hotline.  Also, an entry on where to refer people who are looking for more information on INAC's regulatory initiatives, guidance and services has been added to the database system used by INAC information officers who respond to questions from callers.
  4. INAC web site updated with information on process for ministerial regulations.
    Status: Completed. Information on the process for regulations made by the Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs is now available on the Department's website.
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