INAC Regulatory Interpretation Policy Improvement Priority and Metrics


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Seeking feedback from stakeholders and partners on INAC's Regulatory Interpretation Policy and its regulatory guidance and services, an online survey was posted from May 30 to September 2, 2016. The survey asked two questions:

  1. How can INAC improve its regulatory guidance and services?
  2. How can INAC improve its Regulatory Interpretation Policy?

Stakeholders recommended that INAC increase visibility and improve access to regulatory initiatives, guidance and services for Indigenous peoples including more broadly for community members and those in urban centres.

Suggestions included:

To address these concerns, INAC has developed an improvement priority and metrics to measure its improvement for its regulatory guidance and services.

Improvement priority

Access and visibility

  • Improve access and visibility for INAC's regulatory initiatives, guidance and services for Indigenous peoples and other stakeholders  


  • Training provided to INAC officers on the use of digital platforms (e.g., social media and the internet) to increase access and visibility of regulatory initiatives, guidance and services.
  • Percentage increase in INAC's regulatory initiatives published in the First Nations Gazette.
  • Questions and answers developed for INAC's 1-800 hotline on where to find more information on regulatory initiatives, guidance and services.
  • INAC website updated with information on process for ministerial regulations.

Next steps

INAC will post a progress report based on the improvement priority and metrics by March 31, 2017.

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