National Aboriginal Day 2016 – Minister’s Video Message


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Boozhoo and greetings from the traditional territories of the Algonquin people!

On June 21st we celebrate National Aboriginal Day.

Over this weekend many communities from across Canada will be celebrating with special ceremonies, commemorations and educational presentations we will acknowledge the outstanding contributions of Indigenous people in Canada. As a special milestone this year, National Aboriginal Day has now been celebrated for 20 years in Canada!

As Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs, I am very proud of the nation to nation building that has taken place over the last several months, in renewing Canada's relationship with Indigenous peoples.

We cannot undo history, but as Canadians, we can all learn from it.

And as we do so, we can celebrate all that First Nations, Inuit and Metis voices contribute to our rich and vibrant tapestry.

From Newfoundland to Vancouver Island and north beyond the Arctic Circle, Indigenous peoples and communities have persevered, locally, and are coming forward with their own success stories to share globally. To fully appreciate their stories that may deal with a variety of economic development ventures, a new school program or a successful housing program, I encourage you to visit our website under Success Stories to view their stories first hand and understand the diversity of Indigenous peoples.

Indigenous peoples have demonstrated, from their ancestries to present-day role models and extraordinary citizens, a strong desire to survive and contribute to the growth and prosperity of this great nation - Canada.

As a government, we share that commitment. We have accepted and embraced the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's calls to action towards reconciliation. Those Calls to Action provide a renewed path forward for Canada's unfinished journey of healing and reconciliation - a path I am grateful and proud to walk with Indigenous communities.

All Canadians share in this journey.

As a country, we will celebrate Canada's 150th Anniversary as a confederation on July 1, 2017 - Canada Day!

And let us use the momentum and energy from this year's 20th anniversary celebration to begin planning toward this wonderful milestone as a nation.

Happy National Aboriginal Day everyone!

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