Evaluation of Engagement and Policy Development - Follow-up Report Status Update as of September 30, 2014


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Action Plan Implementation Status Update Report to the Evaluation, Performance Measurement and Review Committee - As of September 30, 2014

Policy and Strategic Direction

Evaluation of Engagement and Policy Development
Approval Date: 25/04/2014
Project Recommendations Action Plan Expected
Completion Date
Program Response
1) Review and revise as appropriate the Basic Organizational Capacity and Consultation and Policy Development authorities’ expected results in order to provide greater clarity and distinction between the two. The two authorities are under different parts of the PAA. This is a challenge that can be addressed in cooperation with the Integrated Planning team in PSD and the Audit and Evaluation Branch. The Policy on funding to Aboriginal Representative Organizations – principally BOC – will be updated over the 2014 year as a result of decisions taken in the approach to funding for Aboriginal Representative Organizations.

Considerations for changes to the authorities will include expanding the list of eligible recipients to include Metis and non-status Indian organizations/people.
2014-2015 Status: Underway

AERB will present a lessons learned exercise based on significant changes made to the funding process for Aboriginal Representative Organizations in 2014-2015. This will likely have an impact on the authority structure and inform changes.

As of 30/06/2014: lessons learned presentation to Operations Committee in Fall 2014.

AES: Good progress to date. Report on progress in Q4.
2)  Provide advice, guidance, and tools to AANDC personnel involved in engagements not triggered by the legal duty to consult and continue to support the flexibility and broad application of the Consultation and Policy Development authority. As Departmental steward of Consultation and Policy Development, AERB will undertake planning in terms of communications and effective implementation of the authority. March, 2015  
3) Clarify recipient reporting requirements associated with funding through the Consultation and Policy Development authority. As part of this work, and in keeping with AANDC's PM Strategy Action Plan, the expected results for the Consultation and Policy Development authority should be included in the PM Strategy for the Consultation and Accommodation Sub-Program. The reporting requirements were required to align to the General Project Report DCI, which replaced the C&PD reporting form as of April 1, 2014, as per direction from CFO, PSD and AES. Work on the Annual Report will be supported by PSD, including this element.

In consultation with Integrated Reporting branch regarding the new PAA for 2015-16, it was confirmed that the authority is no longer considered a program in the PAA as of April 1, 2015 and will be part of a consolidated Performance Measurement Strategy for the Consultation and Accommodation Sub-Program.

February, 2015 Performance Measurement Strategy
Status: Underway 

As of 30/06/2014

AERB is undertaking an environmental scan and working with programs who use C+PD to assess what steps that would be needed to consolidate the authorities

AES: Underway. Report on progress in Q4.
4) Track the engagements supported by the Consultation and Policy Development authority. The tracking tool should include the type of activity, the purpose, the location, and participants involved in the engagement activity. AERB will examine various options on how best to track within current resource allocations. This will provide better tracking of results/performance of these authority vis à vis engagement activities. September 30, 2014 Status: Request to Close

A tracker document has been created to track Expenditures under the C&PD authority. The tracker includes the type of activity, the purpose, the location, and participants involved in the engagement activity. Monitoring of expenditures has been conducted regularly. Tracker document is readily available when requested.

As of November 3, 2014: a total of $11.9M have been committed and $7.7M have been paid to 38 recipients.

AES: Recommend to Close – Fully Implemented. Closed.
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