Management Letter - Lubicon Lake Band

Chief Laboucan and Council
Lubicon Lake Nation
PO Box 1351

Ref: 2013-14 Recipient Audit Results and Follow-Up

Dear Chief Laboucan and Council:

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) conducted a number of recipient audits in fiscal year 2013-14, including an audit of Lubicon Lake Nation. Please find attached a copy of the full audit report and a summary of the report. The summary will be published on the department's website in the coming weeks, along with this management letter. Should you wish to, you may provide a written response to me, pertaining to this audit within 30 days. Your response will also be posted.

As a result of this recipient audit, a non-compliant amount had been identified and has been recovered.

The audit report also included a number of recommendations to assist in improving management practices. We look forward to working together to develop a plan to address the management recommendations.

Please contact your regional INAC representative to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about this audit.





Paul J. Thoppil, CPA, CA
Chief Finances, Results and Delivery Officer

c.c.: Anne Scotton, Chief Audit and Evaluation Executive
Lynda Clairmont, Sr. Assistant Deputy Minister, Regional Operations
Jim Sisson, Regional Director General, Alberta Region
Deloitte LLP



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