Tallcree First Nation Water Treatment Plant

The Tallcree First Nation, situated in northern Alberta, is providing safe drinking water for community members through its new state-of-the-art water treatment plant. The quality of life for community members has greatly improved as a result of this new facility. Watch this video to see how the new water treatment plant will supply the water needs of the community for generations to come.

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Transcript - Tallcree First Nation Water Treatment Plant

George Meneen, Councillor- Tallcree Tribal Government

Tallcree First Nation is located in Northwestern Alberta…

…and it's about 5 hours north of Edmonton…

The community is rather isolated, although we have roads in and out…

…and the majority of the people are located in North and South Tallcree… about 250 each, on reserve.

In North Tallcree we have a fairly new treatment plant….water treatment plant, and in South we have a brand new treatment plant.

Not many years ago before they built the modern plant, we had boil water advisories…

We used to have people still haul water from Fort Vermillion …an hour's drive to go pick up some drinking water or to make even a cup of coffee or tea.

Mike Cardinal, Band Manager-Tallcree Tribal Government

The water in South Tallcree prior to the construction of this new plant was undrinkable …

…there were so many boil water advisories that we could no longer, in good conscience, provide water safely to the community and the residents.

We needed a new water treatment plant because the other plant had outlived its life expectancy and had become cost prohibitive to operate…and it simply was breaking down too often and was providing inconsistent product.

The first steps in the construction of this particular facility included building a new reservoir to increase the carrying capacity of the raw water…

…and that began in 2011- 12 and carried on through until the plant was completed in 2014.

The plant itself in South Tallcree encompasses both the old and the new design…

…its got state of the art technology that processes the water… its got a wonderful ultraviolet system that knocks out all of the impurities in the water and provides a very safe drinking product.

Hubert Alook, Water Plant Operator/Trainee-South Tallcree FN

Everything is automatic in the new plant and it just makes my job so much easier from the old one.

First thing I do every day… I walk around taking all the numbers down …

…taking numbers off all the pumps that we use…

…we're making approximately 136 cubes overnight in a 24 hour period.

We also have an office there where you can see the P.L.C. [Programmable Logic Controller].... basically it's a computer that controls the water plant and everything is controlled off this P.L.C....

There are 5 water samples that I do each day and basically what I'm looking for is water quality, color, turbidity, temperature, PH, chlorine, how much chlorine is in the water…and manganese.

…after I'm done my water samples I make sure all the pumps are still running …making sure all chemicals are topped up…

Mike Cardinal:

The plant in South Tallcree provides more than enough drinking water for its population and is designed for a 25 year growth span for the community.

This project demonstrated how a First Nation working together with the elements of engineering, funding and contractors can achieve a common goal.

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