Backgrounder: New First Nations Participating in Québec and Saskatchewan


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Enhanced Service Delivery Proponent
(Participating First Nations)
First Nations Job Fund Proponent
QC Lac Simon Commission de développement des ressources humaines des Premières Nations du Québec
Mamit Innuat
(Ekuanitshit, Unamen Shipu, Pakua Shipi)
SK File Hills Qu'Appelle Tribal Council
(Carry the Kettle, Nekaneet, Okanese, Pasqua, Standing Buffalo, Star Blanket, Little Black Bear, Muscowpetung, Piapot, and Peepeekisis)
Saskatchewan Indian Training Assessment Group Inc.
Agency Chiefs Tribal Council
(Big River, Pelican Lake, Witchekan Lake)
TOTAL 5 Proponents
(18 First Nations)
2 FNJF Proponents