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PAW Number/Fiscal Year: 1323247

Purpose: A funding application is required in order to establish a funding arrangement. The work planning template describes the minimum information required for the BOC Program and is to cover all core funded elements. If a multi-year work plan is being prepared please note the elements to be funded for each year of the work plan.

Reporting Period: Annually

Due Date: January 31

Field Definitions:

PART A – Applicant Information

Field Definition
Are you applying for a multi-year agreement? Select and check the box (Yes or No) that corresponds if you are applying for a multi-year agreement.
How many years? Select the number of years you are applying for the multi-year agreement using the drop-down menu.
Organization Name The full legal name of the organization that received the funds being reported on.
Previous name(s) of Organization Any previous legal names of the organization requesting funds.
Scope of Organization's Activities Indication of whether the scope of activities the organization undertakes is: Local, municipal, provincial/territorial, regional or national.
Legal Status Indication of whether the organization is incorporated or not, and, if yes, whether the incorporation is federal or provincial.
Corporate Registration Number The Corporate Registration Number of the organization as provided by the Federal or Provincial Government. Note that a copy of the Incorporation document is to be attached with the application.
Contact Person Name The first name, last name, title, office telephone number, facsimile, email, street address and web site of the person to be contacted for any questions related to the funding application.
Have you previously received funding from the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada? Indication of whether the organization requesting funds has previously received funding from AANDC. If yes, indication of the name of the organization at the time funding was received and the year in which it was received.
Do you employ a former (in the last twelve months) public servant in the federal government who is under the Values and Ethic Code for the Public Service? Indication of whether the organization has or had employed a former public servant in the last twelve months who is under the Values and Ethics Code for the Public Service. 

Refer to the following website for more information.

PART B – Proposal Summary Information (Proposal/Work Plan can be submitted as a file attachment through Part E of this form)

Field Definition
Mandate/Objectives of the organization A brief description of the mandate and objectives of the organization. Not necessary to be completed for applicants previously funded by AANDC unless changes were made to the mandate/objectives.
Main priorities/objectives for the year and/or brief description of the activities to be carried out The main priorities and objectives for the year and/or a brief description of the activities planned. Details are to be found in the application proposal to be attached to the funding application.
Proposed Start Date (YYYYMMDD) The proposed start date for the activities proposed.>
End Date ( YYYYMMDD) The expected end date of the activities proposed.
Amount of basic organization capacity funding requested The dollar amount of funding requested from AANDC.

PART C – Work Planning Template

Provide a brief description of the activities that are planned. If the template is filled out electronically, the fields will expand as required to include all text typed into the field. Click on "Add Activity" or "Remove Activity" to add or remove rows as required.

Field Definition
Objective/Purpose Answers the question: "What will I achieve?"
Example: Improved awareness of federal education activities and directions.
Proposed Activity Answers the question: "What will I do?"
Example: Distribute and share information by producing a newsletter and holding 2 town hall sessions.
Expected Output Answers the question: "What will I produce?"
- A newsletter will be sent to 100 homes;
- 2 town hall sessions attended by 30 people.
Projected Expenditure Answers the question: "How much will it cost?"
- Newsletter: $5k
- Town hall sessions: $4k ($2k each)
- Salaries for 2 part-time staff

PART D – Budget Summary

Detail the budgeted expenditures that link to the planned activities. Totals will be automatically calculated. Click "Add Other _____ Costs" to include other costs for each category (Salaries, Operation Costs, Administration Costs) not otherwise captured in the chart.

Field Definition
Salaries – Staff Detail the budgeted expenditures for salaries of staff, elected members and any others (which need to be specified) for each year of proposed funding.
Rent List the budgeted expenditure for rent for each year of proposed funding.
Operation Costs List the budgeted expenditure for travel (staff and non-staff), consultants, legal services, and other operational needs (which need to be specified) for each year of proposed funding.
Administration Costs List the budgeted expenditure for equipment, meeting expenses, supplies, telephone and facsimile, insurance, translation, miscellaneous, and specific administrative needs (which need to be specified) for each year of proposed funding.

PART E – Supporting Documentation

Indicate the supporting documents to be included with the funding application.

Field Definition
Name of Supporting Document/Method of Submission
This table allows you to identify the supporting document(s) being submitted and the method of submission. Enter the name of the supporting document. From the drop-down list, select the method by which additional documents will be submitted. The options include:
Attached to Report; E-mail; Facsimile; Mail; By Hand/Courier If you select "Attached to Report" as the method of submission, an Attach File button will appear. Selecting this button allows you to select a file that will be electronically attached to the report. After attaching the file you can click on the paper clip icon on the left side of the Adobe application to see the attached file. Once the file is attached, the Attach File button changes to a Remove File button. To remove the file only, select this button. To clear all fields for a single document and remove the associated file, select the [-] button.

Before proceeding with completing the report, please complete the Basic Organizational Capacity Contribution Program Funding Application PAW# 1323247 (2015-2016) in PDF.

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