Process for Publishing Investigation/Forensic Audit Summary Reports


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  1. Chief and Council will be informed in writing that an investigation or a forensic audit will be conducted. The review period is indicated in the letter as well as the areas of concern. The letter will state that the results of the investigation/forensic audit, in the form of a summary report, may be published on the departmental website.
  2. Following completion of the investigation/forensic audit, the Assessment and Investigation Services Branch will provide Chief and Council, in consultation with the forensic audit firm, a summary of the key findings for fact verification, with a 30-day timeline to respond. A copy of the summary will also be sent to the concerned Regional Director General.
  3. If the Chief and Council provides new information or documentation, their input will be used to revise the work.
  4. The Assessment and Investigation Services Branch, in consultation with the forensic audit firm, will prepare a summary report in deck format for publication on the AANDC Website.
  5. The summary report will be reviewed by the ATIP Unit to respect policies and laws related to the release of personal information, then by Communications in order to prepare communications materials.
  6. A Management Letter will be sent to the Chief and Council to confirm the findings and provide recommendations to the Chief and Council, with a copy of the summary report. The Chief and Council may provide a written response to the summary report within 30 days and the response will also be posted. A copy of the Management Letter and the final summary report will be sent to the concerned Regional Director General, the Senior Assistant Deputy Minister (Regional Operations), the Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Audit and Evaluation Executive.
  7. The summary report and the Management Letter will be translated and prepared for posting.
  8. The summary report, the Management Letter, any response from the Chief and Council and the communications materials will be provided to the Deputy Minister for review and approval for posting.
  9. The package and communications materials will be sent to the Minister’s Office for information.
  10. The summary report will be posted on the Department’s website in both official languages.

*In instances where the audit work is conducted jointly with other government departments, separate reports are created for each department, making it possible for AANDC to independently post its own summary reports. As a courtesy, the audit summary would be shared with the department(s) with whom we have partnered, in advance of posting.


(Revised July 2014)

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