Meadow Lake Tribal Council: Success Stories

Read how Canada's skills training and job readiness programs have helped to prepare Mitch and Tricia to successfully join the workforce.

"Mitch" – Flying Dust First Nation, Saskatchewan

"Mitch" – Flying Dust First Nation, Saskatchewan

I heard about this program through my band office. I had gone there seeking employment and I asked them if they would assist me. They referred me to the program.

Before the program, I was looking for jobs and staying at home. I was mostly looking for employment and had just moved back to town.

The case worker was very helpful to me. She gave me a lot of good pointers and tips. They assisted me with getting my driver's license, assisting with bills and getting temporary funding, they read over my resume and cover letter prior to sending them out and getting the job I have now. She gave me the direction to go to and I found that quite helpful.

I am currently the logistic coordinator for Primco Dene Catering Services. But I am actually contracted under Primco Dene Royal Camp Services.

It is a great program. It really helped me out a lot. I have actually recommended it to a few of my family and friends as well. Because when you are looking for a job, some people just don't know where to start. Once you give someone a point "A" and a point "B" that can help out as well.

In future, I would like to work in the Occupational Health and Safety field. Currently I am at the University of New Brunswick in Occupational Health and Safety. I would like to be a safety advisor for Primco Dene Royal Camp Services. The company is a great place to work.

Tricia – English River First Nation, Saskatchewan

Sometimes we all need a little help. Possibilities are endless with a little help.

Basically, I was looking online and in the newspaper looking for employment, as well as doing little odd jobs. I first heard about the program through my First Nations band office. The receptionist informed me that there was assistance provided through Meadow Lake Tribal Council. In turn, I contacted the case worker and they helped me out.

I received training as a Contract Weather Observer. It was a six week program in Cornwall, Ontario. I am certified to work at any airport in Canada.

I would describe my experience working with my case worker and with the program as very very helpful. They directed me into all the right places. They provided an allowance for me while I was in Cornwall because I wasn’t receiving any income while I was there.

I am currently working at Meadow Lake airport. Also, I am employed at two different airports. My main job is here at the Meadow Lake airport, and I also do fill in for the Buffalo Narrows airport at the weather station there.

Right now, I am currently employed at this job. What I would like to do in the future, hopefully in the near future, is I’m applying for a mine company job in the environment field. So hopefully, maybe within the year or a couple years from now, I’ll be employed as an environment technician up there.

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