First Nation Youth Skills Training and Job Readiness Program - Katie's Success Story

Meet Katie of the Blood Tribe. She has successfully completed the Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC)'s program aimed at getting participating First Nation youth aged 18-24 years old ready and prepared to join the workforce. See what she says about the program.

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Transcript: First Nation Youth Skills Training and Job Readiness Program - Katie's Success Story

Katie: Treaty 7 Blood Tribe

During the time in the program, they prepped us for job readiness. At the end of the program, I was put in the 6-month training (and) job readiness (program) where I was actually working.

I have some volunteer projects with little girls—little kids in the community. Basically I wanted to take a step further in community enhancement, so I took the liberty of creating my own business. It's a small business. It's called Little Lady's Gardening and Beautification, and it's for community enhancement. I (am in) partnership with Blood Tribe Reinvestment Initiative. Yeah, so they helped me get to where I'm at and are helping with my community enhancement program.


Thanks to funding from Economic Action Plan 2013 First Nation youth – ages 18 to 24 – from across the country will be participating in programs such as those taking place in Treaty 7 Blood Tribe in southern Alberta.

These programs are being delivered through partnerships between Aboriginal organizations, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada and Employment and Social Development Canada.

Canada is providing job readiness support for First Nations youth so they can successfully participate in the Canadian economy. For more information on this and other programs and services, please visit

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