First Nation Youth Skills Training and Job Readiness Program - Blood Tribe Success Stories

Youth of the Blood Tribe are participating and succeeding in the skills training programs that provide employment training and support to help them find jobs.

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Transcript: First Nation Youth Skills Training and Job Readiness Program - Blood Tribe Success Stories


First Nation youth represent the fastest-growing segment of Canada's population. The Government of Canada is making important investments in skills training and job-readiness activities to help make sure First Nation youth have the same opportunities as all Canadians to find, keep, and enjoy the benefits of a good job.

First Nation youth from across Canada are benefitting from new opportunities....including those from the Blood Tribe.

What are they saying about the program? Let's find out.

Adrian: Treaty 7 Blood Tribe

Well I recommend this program because it helped me get to where I am today, and if it wasn't for this Another Way program, I don't know where I would be. I'd probably still be staying at home, sleeping in and just not doing anything. Just waiting for a cheque.

Jasmine: Treaty 7 Blood Tribe

Well this is a really life-changing experience that will benefit a lot of young people on my reserve because they may have had the same situation I had. I really struggled with depression and alcoholism and before the program. I was not in a good place and thanks to my case worker and my instructors, I am now looking at life in a more positive way. And I really, really, would encourage others to take it. I would strongly recommend it. It's a really good program (laughs).

Adrian of the Treaty 7 Blood Tribe

My case manager was very inspiring. I felt like they believed in me. They wanted me to strive for a better future. I just wanted to be more self efficient and not depend on social assistance.

Katie: Treaty 7 Blood Tribe

I have some volunteer projects with little girls—little kids in the community. Basically I wanted to take a step further in community enhancement, so I took the liberty of creating my own business. It's a small business. It's called Little Lady's Gardening and Beautification, and it's for community enhancement. I (am in) partnership with Blood Tribe Reinvestment Initiative. Yeah, so they helped me get to where I'm at and are helping with my community enhancement program.

Jasmine: Treaty 7 Blood Tribe

I really love to cook, and since I've been in the program, they've inspired me to go back to school. And I want to go back to school, and try to get into the culinary arts program and work on getting my Red Seal and becoming a chef! And hopefully sometime in the future, I'll open up my own restaurant.


Thanks to funding from Economic Action Plan 2013 First Nation youth – ages 18 to 24 – from across the country will be participating in programs such as those taking place in Treaty 7 Blood Tribe in southern Alberta.

These programs are being delivered through partnerships between Aboriginal organizations, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada and Employment and Social Development Canada.

Canada is providing job readiness support for First Nations youth so they can successfully participate in the Canadian economy. For more information on this and other programs and services, please visit

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