Skills and Job Training for First Nation Youth: Roundtables


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The Government of Canada continues to take concrete steps to create the conditions for more prosperous, self-sufficient First Nation communities. Investing in jobs and skills training will lead to greater First Nation participation in the economy, healthier First Nation communities, and a stronger Canada.

The Income Assistance Reform aims at reducing reliance on Income Assistance by providing First Nation youth between the ages of 18 and 24 with personalized career assessments and skills training.

Participants have access to a range of services and programs aimed at increasing their job prospects and supporting them as they move into the workforce, including: basic life-skills, literacy training, and career counseling.

The approach builds on successful pilot projects aimed at reducing dependency on Income Assistance, where the Government of Canada has been working with the provincial governments, First Nations and the private sector to link First Nations with the training they require to meet labour market needs.

"Being in the program helped me with my self-identity, who I wanted to be, what I wanted in life and just where I wanted to go. And be more structured."

- Katie – Treaty 7 Blood Tribe First Nation, Alberta

Over the summer and fall 2014, AANDC is hosting a series of roundtables across the country to hear from First Nations youth who are participating in the Enhanced Service Delivery program. The Government of Canada wants to hear about their experiences and find out how this initiative is helping them gain the skills and training they need to find a job. Case management workers and program providers will also have the chance to share their experiences. To date AANDC has hosted roundtables in the following locations:

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