Frequently Asked Questions - Information for 2011 Manitoba Flood Evacuees

ISC is working with First Nations, the provincial government and non-governmental emergency management partners to provide support for those who remain evacuated due to 2011 flooding. This page answers frequently asked questions that evacuees may have about the programs available to them.

Q.1 Am I eligible for evacuee benefits?

Evacuee benefits are available for persons who were residing on a flood-affected reserve at the time of the 2011 flood and who are unable to return to the community due to damage to their residence.

Q.2 What am I entitled to receive as an evacuee?

Evacuees are entitled to receive a monthly allowance to provide accommodations along with a daily allowance to offset additional costs that arise. The provincial government’s Disaster Financial Assistance eligibility guidelines set out the rates for these benefits. An evacuee from a First Nation receives the same benefits as a person evacuated from any other community in Manitoba.

Q.3 Where should I go to receive my payment?

The Canadian Red Cross provides services for evacuees in Manitoba. These include the following:

Evacuees can contact the Canadian Red Cross (CRC) by email at or by phone at 204-774-1161

Q.4 Will CRC decide who is registered as an evacuee?

No. Decisions on evacuee registration are made by ISC. Any requests to register a new evacuee should be directed to the person’s First Nation, who will provide the information to ISC.

Q.5 Can I move from a rented house or apartment to a hotel?

Movement of evacuees from private accommodation to hotels will only be supported in exceptional circumstances.

Q.6 I am not a registered evacuee but believe I should be. How do I apply for evacuee benefits?

Your First Nation must apply for you to be registered as an evacuee and must provide ISC with information that shows you were living on-reserve at the time of the 2011 flood. First Nation members cannot directly apply to the Department or CRC to register as evacuees.

Q.7 I received a letter saying that I was being removed from the evacuee list and not receiving further payments. How do I appeal this decision?

Your letter will provide information on how you can appeal the decision. Please be sure to note the deadline to file an appeal. If you miss the deadline, you will not be able to appeal the decision.

Q.8 Does being an evacuee affect any other programs or benefits I receive, such as Income Assistance?

No. Your First Nation will continue providing the programs and services they normally deliver, including Income Assistance. If you are an eligible Income Assistance recipient, you will continue to receive this from your First Nation while you are evacuated.

Q.9 Can I change rental properties?

Evacuees can find a new rental property, but cannot enter into a lease agreement until it has been reviewed by CRC. Please take your rental agreement to CRC, which will confirm that the rates are within the established guidelines. If you have entered into a long-term lease and want to move before the lease is over, you are responsible for any costs for early termination of your lease.

Q.10 What is happening with my community? When will I be going home?

Recovery projects are being managed by the First Nations that are still evacuated. Please contact your First Nation for specific information on what activities are taking place and when you should expect to return home.

Q.11 Will the Canadian Red Cross be providing education services for evacuees?

First Nations will continue providing the programs and services they normally deliver. The CRC will not be involved with the delivery of programs provided by your First Nation, such as Education and Income Assistance.

Q.12 How long will the Canadian Red Cross be working with evacuees?

On April 1, 2015, ISC and CRC announced the signing of a one-year agreement for CRC to deliver evacuation services to Manitoba First Nations. The agreement was renewed in April 2016 for an additional year.

ISC signed a five-year agreement with the Canadian Red Cross, effective April 1, 2017, to support Manitoba First Nations in emergency situations, including managing response and evacuations due to flood, fire and other circumstances. The Red Cross will also work with Manitoba First Nations in preparing the communities for potential emergencies. Under the agreement, ISC has committed $5.8 million over five years for the Canadian Red Cross to provide these services. The Canadian Red Cross is investing an additional $2.9 million to provide emergency resources and personnel support to Manitoba First Nations.

Evacuees can contact the CRC by email at or by phone at 204-774-1161. ISC will continue to work with CRC to ensure evacuees continue to receive services and support until they can safely return to their communities. ISC is also continuing discussions with the provincial government to seek their involvement in supporting emergency management in Manitoba First Nations.

Q.13 Is there a danger of flooding in 2017?

Please visit the Province of Manitoba’s Manitoba Emergency Measures Organization website for the latest information.

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