Information Sheet - Centre of Excellence for Matrimonial Real Property


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Centre of Excellence for Matrimonial Real Property

Hosted by the National Aboriginal Lands Managers Association

The National Aboriginal Lands Managers Association (NALMA) was selected by the Government of Canada to maintain the Centre of Excellence for Matrimonial Real Property. This resource centre is available to assist with the implementation of the Family Homes on Reserves and Matrimonial Interests or Rights Act.

Incorporated December 21, 2000, NALMA’s extensive experience and connection to reserve land issues makes the organization the ideal host to support First Nations in implementing the matrimonial real property (MRP) legislation.

What can the centre of excellence for Matrimonial real property do for you and your community?

The Centre of Excellence can help First Nation individuals, communities and organizations in understanding and applying the new Act. The Centre can:

  • Guide First Nations who are opting to develop their own MRP laws by providing templates, examples and answering questions, when applicable.
  • Provide information on the protections and rights available to individuals and families living on reserve such as:

    • the right to occupy the family home;
    • safety for children and their caregivers in instances of family violence;
    • rights of survivors on the death of their spouse or common-law partner; and,
    • equitable distribution of MRP assets.
  • Assist with implementing the provisional federal rules, which are interim rules that will apply until a First Nation community develops and enacts its own MRP law under the Act.
  • Provide research on alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to help facilitate the creation of additional options for parties to resolve MRP issues.

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Centre of Excellence for Matrimonial Real Property
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