Terms and Conditions for INAC Transfer Payments


This website will change as a result of the dissolution of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, and the creation of Indigenous Services Canada and the eventual creation of Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada. During this transformation, you may also wish to consult the updated Indigenous and Northern Affairs home page.

Terms and conditions set out the parameters under which transfer payments may be made for a given program.

Below you will find the terms and conditions grouped together under Strategic Outcomes, according to the Department's Program Alignment Architecture.

Strategic Outcomes

The Government

Good governance and co-operative relationships for First Nations, Métis, Non-Status Indians, Inuit and Northerners.

The People

Individual, family and community well-being for First Nations and Inuit.

The Land and Economy

Full participation of First Nations, Métis, Non-Status Indians and Inuit individuals and communities in the economy.

The North

Self-reliance, prosperity, and well-being for the people and communities of the North.

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