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Land Nominations for Exploration Licences

This posting request is submitted in response to the Beaufort Sea & Mackenzie Delta Call for Nominations closing on September 24, 3013.

(Name of individual) ____________, on behalf of (Name of company)_________________,

(Phone number / fax number / email)____________________________________________

requests that the following lands be posted in the next Call for Bids for Exploration Licences in the Beaufort Sea & Mackenzie Delta.

Signed (Signature)____________________ on (Date yyyy-mm-dd)________________

(Print name and title)__________________________________________________

Land Description

Please attach the land description for nominated parcel(s) which include the grid latitude, longitude, section(s), number of sections per grid, and total number of sections as per the sample below.

Sample Land Description

Latitude* Longitude* Section(s) (and Units)
69° 40' N 133° 15' W 9 (A-D), 10 (D, E, L, M), 19(A-P), 20(A-B, H-G, I-J, O-P), 30 (A-M)
69° 40' N 133° 15' W 1-4 (All Units), 11-12 (All units),21 (All Units).
*North American Datum 1927 (NAD27)

Each parcel requested for posting must conform to the size limitations described in the Call for Nominations. Areas of interest which straddle the Onshore and Offshore should be nominated as separate parcels. Nominations abutting the Line of Delimitation on the Call for Nominations Map shall be described by grids, sections and units.

Posting request forms must be submitted by fax to:

Northern Petroleum Resources Directorate
Northern Petroleum and Mineral Resources Branch
Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada
Facsimile: 819-953-5828
Telelephone: 819-997-0048 OR 819-953-2087

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