Bid Submission Form


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Updated February 2013.

The following is the content included in the Bid Submission Form. When submitting a bid, please download the PDF Bid Submission Form.

Call for Bids

This bid is submitted in response to the

(Select one) Beaufort Sea & Mackenzie Delta
Central Mackenzie Valley
Arctic Islands of Nunavut

Call for Bids for Exploration Licences closing on (date yyyy-mm-dd)____________ with regards to parcel #_________ with a Work Proposal Bid of (Minimum $1,000,000 bid) $________________________.

As per clause 10(a) of the Call for Bids, a bid deposit of $50,000 has been included in this bid submission (form of certified cheque, money order or bank draft).

NOTE: Per clause 10(b) and clause 6 of the Call for Bids, the successful bidder will be required to post 25% of the work proposal bid and the issuance fee within 15 working days, this period commences the day following the notice of winning bids being posted on the Northern Petroleum Resources Directorate website. This deposit will be referred to as the work deposit.

If this Bid is successful, please issue the Exploration Licence to:

  Company %
Representative →    

Name of representative for service: ___________________________________

Phone: _________________ Fax: _________________

E-mail: ___________________________

If this bid is not accepted, the bid deposit should be returned to:



By priority post     Other (please specify)_______________________

I have read the Terms and Conditions of the Call for Bids and have enclosed the Bid Deposit as indicated above.

Name and Title ______________________________________

Signature ______________________________________ Date ___________________

Bid must be submitted as per section 3 of the Call for Bids Terms and Conditions. For more information, please contact:

Northern Petroleum Resources Directorate
Northern Petroleum and Mineral Resources Branch
Telephone: 819-953-2087