Results-Based Approach to Treaty and Self-Government Negotiations

The Government of Canada is moving toward a results-based approach to its participation in treaty and self-government negotiations. This new approach responds to past calls for change. The goal is to create results-based negotiations by focusing resources on the most productive tables, promoting alternative measures, when appropriate, and streamlining processes. As a first step to achieve these goals, the Government of Canada will engage with its negotiating partners across the country in the coming months. 

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General Background Information

Recent Progress Achieved with Partners

Negotiating Tables: Key Facts

The statistics included below relate to treaty and self-government tables and are current as of September 2012. Learn more about the stages in the negotiation process or consult this map showing the location of individual negotiating tables across the country.

Figure 1: Approximate Duration of Current Negotiation Tables (%)

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Figure 2: Progress of Claims

Figure 3: By Stage

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Figure 4: By Region

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Figure 5: By Type

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