2010 NWT Environmental Audit


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2010 Summary and Conclusions
2010 NWT Environmental Audit - Executive Summary

2010 NWT Environmental Audit - Main Report
Glossary of Acronyms 
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Follow-up to the 2005 NWT Audit
3.0 Observations and Recommendations – Regulatory Regimes
4.0 Observations and Recommendations – Cumulative Impact Monitoring Program
5.0 Observations and Recommendations – Traditional Knowledge
6.0 Status of the Environment Summary
7.0 Considerations for Future Audits
8.0 Summary of Recommendations and Opportunities for Improvement
9.0 References
Appendix A: Review of 2005 Audit Recommendations
Appendix B: Regulatory Gaps, Area of Uncertainty and Considerations

2010 Supplementary Report on the Status of the Environment
View the Executive Summary

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