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Launched on December 21, 2010
Closing at 4 p.m. (E.T.) on February 1, 2011

Table of Contents

  1. Call for Nominations
  2. Content of Posting Requests
  3. Submission of Posting Requests
  4. Priority of Posting
  5. Resulting Call for Bids

1. Call for Nominations

The Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development hereby calls for the submission of nominations for Frontier Lands, as defined in the Canada Petroleum Resources Act, located in the Central Mackenzie Valley of the Northwest Territories. A map is included.

Lands currently under licence which revert to Crown reserve status during the course of this Call for Nominations may also be posted. Please refer to our registry activities. This site will list any changes to licences such as surrenders and terminations and is updated frequently.

Posting requests must be received by February 1, 2011 at 4 p.m. E.T., to be considered by the Minister for inclusion in a Call for Bids (tentatively scheduled for February 2011) pursuant to Section 14 of the Canada Petroleum Resources Act.

The proposed 2010-2011 Call for Bids, Central Mackenzie Valley, form part of this Call for Nominations. The exercise of petroleum exploration rights may be subject to specific terms and conditions relating to the environment, and must comply with requirements under land claims and northern benefits. Further information can be found in section 17, Related Requirements, in the proposed 2010-2011 Call for Bids.

Map of the Call Area

Map indicating the 2010-2011 Call area for the Beaufort Sea & Mackenzie Delta
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2. Content of Posting Requests

All posting requests must be described in accordance with the Guidelines for Posting Parcels North of Latitude 60° N. Each tract posted shall comprise laterally or diagonally contiguous blocks.

Parcel Size

The minimum size of any posting is one (1) section; the maximum size is four (4) grids (320 sections).

A Posting Request Form should accompany the request.

In the Mackenzie Valley, subsurface selections made by Aboriginal groups pursuant to the land claim settlement agreements are excluded from the lands available for posting. The boundaries of parcels posted for lands that either abut or surround these subsurface selections may be described by simple exclusion. For example, a posting in the Sahtu settlement region could be described as: 66˚00' N x 126˚00' W, all sections excluding Sahtu-owned subsurface selection areas or 66˚00' N x 126˚00' W, all sections including those abutting Sahtu-owned  subsurface selection areas. The final land descriptions for these parcels will be prepared in consultation with the requester.

Areas identified on the map as "excluded" and "provisionally excluded" are not included in the Call for Nominations.

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3. Submission of Posting Requests

All requests must be submitted by fax no later than February 1, 2011 at 4 p.m. E.T. Each request should be addressed as follows:

Central Mackenzie Valley Call for Nominations 
Closing date: February 1, 2011  
Attention: Oil and Gas Management
Northern Oil and Gas Branch
FAX: (819) 953-5828

Requesters are advised to give prior notice of their intent to submit a fax by calling (819) 997-0048 or (819) 997-0877 immediately prior to transmission. Telephone confirmation will be provided, if requested, upon receipt of the fax. Only the fax copy is necessary; original copies are not required.

All submissions received will become property of the Crown and will not be returned.

All information concerning nominations will remain confidential.

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4. Priority of Posting

Priority of posting will be determined by order of receipt. Time of receipt will be that recorded by the fax machine of the Northern Oil and Gas Branch in Gatineau.

In case of overlapping requests, the first to be received will have priority. The second requester will be informed of the area remaining in the request which does not overlap a prior nomination. The second requester will be required to state whether they would like to maintain their posting on the remaining lands or withdraw the request.

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5. Resulting Call for Bids

The individual or company that requests the posting of a parcel(s) is expected to submit a bid(s) in an ensuing Call for Bids. Requesters are advised to examine the proposed Call for Bids for information concerning: terms and conditions of the proposed Call for Bids as well as terms and conditions of an Exploration Licence. The Minister reserves the right to refuse future posting requests from that individual or company if a bid is not submitted.

The Minister will take into account all nominations in developing a Call for Bids but may modify nominations to configure a bid block following consultation with the requester.

The Minister is not obliged to proceed with a Call for Bids for any lands posted.

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Further information and Contacts

For more information on this Call, the rights issuance process or the resource management regime, please contact:

Rights Administration
Oil and Gas Management Directorate
Northern Oil and Gas Branch
Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development
Tel: (819) 997-0877; Fax: (819) 953‑5828

Any geological and well information with respect to the lands or area which is available for public disclosure may be obtained from:

Data Coordinator
National Energy Board
Exploration and Production
444 Seventh Avenue SW
Tel: (403) 292‑4800; Fax: (403) 292‑5876

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