Beaufort Regional Environmental Assessment

The Beaufort Regional Environmental Assessment (BREA) is a four year (2011 to 2015), multi-stakeholder initiative that is sponsoring regional environmental and socio-economic research to assist in preparing all parties, including the federal government and local communities, to respond to new investments in oil and gas in the Beaufort Sea. The proposal was initiated and is supported by partners from the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, territorial and federal governments, the oil and gas private sector, and academia.

Through multi-stakeholder committees, the BREA is building a regional knowledge base to inform regulatory processes and project-specific environmental assessments related to oil and gas activity in the Beaufort Basin. This is being achieved through the implementation of a targeted research program and working groups that are addressing key regional issues including cumulative effects assessment, information management, regional waste management, oil spill preparedness and response, socio-economic indicators, and climate change.

The initiative is aligned with the Northern Strategy and directly supports the priorities of protecting our environmental heritage and promoting safe and sustainable social and economic development in Canada's North.

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