Gender Equity in Indian Registration Act

On December 15, 2010 Bill C-3: Gender Equity in Indian Registration Act received Royal Assent. The Governor in Council has announced that effective January 31, 2011, the Gender Equity in Indian Registration Act came into force.

This bill amends provisions of the Indian Act that the Court of Appeal for British Columbia found to be unconstitutional in the case of McIvor v. Canada. The bringing into force of Bill C-3 will ensure that eligible grand-children of women who lost status as a result of marrying non-Indian men will become entitled to registration (Indian status). As a result of this legislation approximately 45,000 persons will become newly entitled to registration.


AANDC has developed an improved service for Bill C-3 applicants, whereby eligible applicants can expect to receive registration as an Indian under the Indian Act AND an in-Canada Secure Certificate of Indian Status (status card) in one step. This has resulted in the development of a new registration form and a process whereby applications will only be accepted by mail.

Registration forms are available on the AANDC web site, from the AANDC Call Centre, AANDC Regional Offices and Service Canada Centres  . Individuals who believe they may be entitled to registration are encouraged to visit the C-3 Registration Information section of this website.

Exploratory Process:

Canada recognizes that there are a number of broader issues associated with Indian registration, Band membership and citizenship that go beyond the scope of Bill C-3 Gender Equity in the Indian Registration Act. Officials have been working in collaboration with various national Aboriginal organizations on the launch of an exploratory process that will more closely examine these broader issues and involve the participation of First Nations and other Aboriginal organizations, groups and individuals across the country. With the passage of Bill C-3 into law, the exploratory process has officially launched.

Visit the Exploratory Section of this website for more information.

What Information is Available?