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Volume 12, Number 1
October 2005

The Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development hereby calls for the submission of nominations for Crown reserve lands north of 60° in the Beaufort Sea/Mackenzie Delta. All posting requests must be described in accordance with the Guidelines for Posting Parcels North of Latitude 60° N. Each parcel posted must comprise laterally or diagonally contiguous lands. Lands currently under licence which revert to Crown reserve status during the course of this call for nominations may also be nominated. Please check our website at: Rights Administration - Registry Activities. This site will list any licence terminations.

The call for nominations is being mailed out and will be available from the National Energy Board in Calgary as well as from our website Rights Issuance. The proposed terms and conditions of a subsequent call for bids are included with the mailout and on the website. All posting requests should be submitted by fax by 4 p.m. (E.T.) on the closing date indicated for the call area and should be addressed to the attention: Oil and Gas Management Directorate, Northern Oil and Gas Branch, fax: (819) 953-5828. The individual or company that requested the posting of a parcel is expected to submit a bid in response to the call for bids.

The Minister reserves the right to refuse future posting requests by that individual or company if a bid is not submitted. The Minister is not obliged to proceed with a call for bids for any lands posted. All native subsurface selections made pursuant to the land claim settlement agreements are excluded from the lands available for posting. The boundaries of parcels posted for lands that either abut or surround these subsurface selections may be described by simple exclusion.

Beaufort Sea/Mackenzie Delta (BS/MD)

The size of parcels posted differs according to area. Minimum and maximum grid size of parcels are specified as follows.

North of latitude 75°N. onshore and offshore =1- 8 grid(s)

North of Line "A" including Arctic Islands
and area subject to work prohibition order
North of latitude 70° N. = 1-6 grid(s)
South of latitude 70° N. = 2 -12 grid(s)*

*Note this reflects a doubling of grid size north of 70°

South of Line "A" Beaufort Sea and mainland Territories (excluding the Mackenzie Delta and Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula)
North of latitude 70° N. ½-3 grid(s)
South of latitude 70° N. 1 - 6grid(s)
Area subject to work prohibition order ¼ - 3 grid(s)

Mackenzie Delta west of longitude 133°W and Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula ¼-4 grid(s).

Posting requests received by 4 p.m., E.T., on November 29 , 2005, will be considered by the Minister for inclusion in a call for bids. Requests should be addressed as "Beaufort Sea/Mackenzie Delta Request for Posting"

The term of exploration licences that would be issued in a subsequent call for bids will be nine years consisting of two consecutive periods of five and four years each.

Allowable Expenditures Standardized

The department has developed a schedule of allowable expenditures common to the two calls. The schedule has been developed to better address the uncertainties and actual costs inherent in northern operations. Please refer to the Guidance Notes for claiming allowable expenditures on our website at: Guidance Notes on claiming Allowable Expenditures

Calls for Bids

All calls for bids as a result of these calls for nominations will be launched tentatively in December 2005.

Closing Dates Summary for Nominations

BS/MD is November 29 , 2005

Posting requests to be received by 4 p.m. (E.T.) on the date indicated.

Note: This Bulletin is for information purposes only. Terms and conditions for each call are described in the appropriate call document.

For More Information on Calls for Nominations and/or Bids please contact us:

by phone: (819) 997-0877
or by fax: (819) 953-5828
or via e-mail to the Manager, Land Tenure:
or via e-mail to Rights Issuance:

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